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Rockwell Trading awarded the 2014 Austin Award

On October 2, 2014, Rockwell Trading was awarded the 2014 Austin Award. The company was recognized by the Austin Award Program in the Investing category, due to its efforts in transforming the local community in Austin. This is the first time that Rockwell Trading has received the Austin Award.

The Austin Award Program is aimed at recognizing the efforts of businesses in the Austin area, a distinguished program that strives to recognize the efforts made by business owners in changing the lives of people in the Austin area. With the honor of the Austin Award Program, it is possible to recognize those businesses that are uplifting the lives of Austin’s residents. Receiving this award lifts a company’s profile and stamps a mark of credibility in the services it provides.

Established by Markus Heitkoetter, Rockwell Trading has gained recognition for the quality services it provides. The company has grown to become a market leader in the area of trader training. The company’s training programs are designed to fit the needs of modern day trading and are in line with set financial rules and regulations. For the people of Austin, the training programs offered by this company have enabled them to understand the stock market and other financial opportunities with a greater knowledge and breadth.

The training programs offered by Rockwell are designed to fit the needs of a wide array of people. The company targets local as well as national investors. The popularity of training programs offered by this company is often due to the simplicity of the strategies they teach. Most people are scared of investing in the stock market due to the complicated nature of trading strategies. Rockwell designs their training programs in a simple and easy to understand format.

Rockwell courses are ideal for people who have never engaged in trading before. The courses are designed for beginners, and as an add-on for those who have some knowledge in trading. The charges for the courses are also minimal, making them affordable for people of different income levels. What makes this company different is their ability to design their programs to fit the needs of their clients perfectly.

The Austin Award is another feather in Rockwell’s cap. It validates the idea that the company has been doing a good job in the local community. Their focus on improving the lives and businesses of people through trading has led to this recognition, and Rockwell Trading looks forward to providing quality community-focused investor training well into the future.